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5 Step Lawn Care 

Your lush, green lawn always begins with TURFMaster's 5 Step Lawn Care Program. 

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Flea and Tick Control

According to, over 106,000 PA residents have contracted Lyme from ticks from 2000 to 2018.

These dangerous pests cling to grass waiting for a host to brush past. Clinging on to humans and animals, they can possibly pass on this dangerous disease!

Our Flea and Tick control is applied with Rounds 1 through 4 to provide seasonal protection for your family and pets. While this program is designed to prevent fleas and ticks, it is only one component in trying to limit the pests.

While we suggest including this in your program, it is also available to any of our customers!

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Tree and Shrub Care

Our Tree and Shrub program is designed to nurture and protect the beautiful plants decorating your property! This includes treatments to the plants themselves, the beds they occupy, and the active root system underneath.

Dormant Oil, Spring Fertilizer and Systemic Insect Control start the season by feeding and protecting targeted areas.

Insect control is monitored and managed through the summer to limit any new or persistent targets.

Starting in the Fall, we provide fertilizer, bio-stimulants, fungicide, and acidic nutrition for any plants that require it.

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This service is available separately from our 5 Step Lawn Care Program!

Aeration & Overseed

We recommend aeration & overseeding your lawn as Summer is turning to Fall, even if you do not use our 5 Step Program.

Aeration is the mechanical removal of soil "plugs", which increases air and water movement, minimizes soil compaction, encourages root development, and prepares the lawn for overseeding.

Overseeding is exactly what it sounds like, an efficient and cost effective way to introduce new and improved varieties of grass to your lawn. This will invigorate the lawn's growth, color, and insect and disease resistances.

NOTE: Underground or unseen utilities can be damaged while aerating. Customers must locate and mark these hazards in advance to avoid damage.

We offer Aeration & Overseeding as an additional service to your 5 Step Program, or it can be scheduled individually for any of our customers!


Many lawns, especially new construction, tend to have little to no topsoil. Pennsylvania is known, of course, for its shale hillsides and constant construction.

In order to introduce new organic materials and nutrients to your lawn, we spread a high quality compost and topsoil blend to a depth of approximately one half inch using a mulch blowing truck. Additional seed is added into the topsoil to promote turf strength.

Over time, the soil and seed blend will settle into your lawn, filling in patchy areas and strengthening the root system.

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Lime and Soil Test

For our Soil Test and Lime Application, first we take soil samples and send them over to the experts at Penn State. This test points out any nutrient deficiencies, and most importantly the soil pH level.

We will email you a copy of the results, along with an interpretation and any recommendations. At this point we will make recommendations on whether or not to apply lime seasonally to your turf.

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This service is available separately from our 5 Step Lawn Care Program!


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