Residential Lawncare

You want a lush, green lawn, free of weeds, and healthy enough to stand up to the rigors of our Western Pennsylvania weather.  Our program is proven to provide the green, the control, and the nourishment that will give you the lawn you've always wanted.

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Why TURFMaster?

  • We use the highest quality materials available

  • Our program is custom-tailored for your lawn

  • Over 35 years of proven success

  • Locally owned and operated

  • Customer referral incentives

  • Highly-trained technicians

  • Excellent customer service

  • Tremendous value

  • Variety of payment options to meet your needs

  • Many additional options to provide a comprehensive program for your property

Our 5 Step Program



A balance fertilizer wakes up your sleeping lawn.  Crabgrass preventer is applied to avoid the germination of the hated weed.  

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Early Summer

Your hungry lawn gets another feeding, the broadleaf weeds are treated, and the surface and sub surface insects are attended.

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Late Summer

The lawn is fed, the weeds are treated, and your lawn is checked for insects and controlled if necessary.

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Custom lawn fertilizer is applied, the weeds are treated, and your lawn is checked for insects and controlled if necessary.

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A late fall winterizing fertilizer prepares your lawn for the long winter, and flourishes with the warm up of spring.

Your lush, green lawn begins with TURFMaster.  Our proven 5-step program uses the highest-quality materials to give you a healthy, green lawn to make you proud.

We would like to hear from you!  Do you have a concern or challenge?   Are you delighted with your lawn care services?  Please leave a review so we can best serve you!

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Grub Preventer:  While many lawn care services do not include grub control, we believe it is critical to a successful lawn care program.  This service is included in our Early Summer application.  Applying grub preventer at a later date alone is more costly, and applied as a control should grubs become a nuisance, is more costly yet.

Core Aeration:  Aeration allows the roots of your lawn to breathe and flourish. Breaking down compaction allows your lawn to better absorb nutrients and moisture, producing a more healthy lawn.


Over-Seed:  Done in conjunction with aeration, we introduce new and improved seed varieties which, over time will greatly improve the health and beauty of your lawn.


Lime:  Lime "sweetens" the soil and allows the lawn to better utilize the fertilizers applied, thus producing a healthier, more lush lawn.  



Plant Nutrition: Drenching the soil around the plants introduces a combination of bio stimulants and fertilizers into the root zone.

Systemic Insect Control & Fertilizer:  Certain insects feed on leaves and bark and are most effectively managed with a root zone application of insect control.

Summer Insect Management:  Inspection and Selective (IPM) treatment to control active chewing insects on shrubs and ornamentals.

Late Summer Insect Management:  Inspection and Selective (IPM) treatment to control active chewing insects on shrubs and ornamentals. 

Disease Management:  Selective treatment to control diseases on shrubs and ornamentals.

Pre-Emergent Bed Weed Control:  A granular weed preventer applied to shrub beds in spring prevents many weeds from ever germinating, providing a weed free landscape and less time on your hands and knees.  


Flea & Tick Program


We are introducing a new program that is designed to help control those pesky fleas and ticks!  Our trained and licensed applicators will apply 3 applications that will help manage unwanted fleas and ticks from invading your property.   This treatment will be applied to your lawn and yard perimeter with a 3-5 foot buffer. 

While this program is designed to help prevent fleas and ticks, it is only one component in trying to limit the pests.

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